Diane Cluck


Diane Cluck is an American singer and songwriter of intuitive folk. Although known as a solo performer, she has often collaborated with others, including a recent association with drummer Anders Griffen on tours in the US and UK. She announced a fan-funded "Song-of-the-Week" project in December 2011, in which she''ll write and distribute a new song to subscribers every week for six months. A Village Voice previewer wrote: "Though Cluck is also anti-folk affiliated, her sound is more seriousÔ[][] she is likely one of the most refined and elegant songwriters in all of neo-folkdom (freak-, anti-, whatevuh-). A brilliant idiosyncratic guitarist, a witty and wise lyricist, an imaginative melody writer with a powerful voice; her dark and introspective tunes are utterly captivating, sorta like an earthier Kate Bush. Watch her spellbind the room."
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