Fields were an Anglo-Icelandic electronic/indie band formed in London in 2006. After playing their first live shows they signed a deal with Atlantic Records, who allowed them to release through their own Black Lab Records set-up to record their 2007 debut album Everything Last Winter with producer Michael Beinhorn at Sun Studios, Dublin. Vocalist Nick Peill instigated most of Fields'' songs. With Peill, line-up was vocalist and keyboard player ├[]├│runn Anton├¡a, lead guitarist Jamie Putnam, drummer Henry Spenner, and bassist Matty Derham who later joined Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Fields played on tour with Wolfmother and Bloc Party, and on their own tour in 2007. Although recording work commenced on a follow-up album entitled ''Lost Frequencies'' which would include the songs ''Sun In Your Eyes'', ''Constantly'', ''Are You Ready Yet?'', ''Worst Love'' and ''Call The Captain'', the album remains unreleased. The band split-up in 2009 after they lost their recording contract.[citation needed]
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