Go-Kart Mozart


Go Kart Mozart is a band founded by Lawrence, originally of the bands Felt and Denim. The sound of the band is similar to Denim, although with an emphasis on synthesizers rather than guitars. The songs are short in nature, most never going over three minutes. The lyrics are often funny and satirical. Their name comes from a line in the lyrics of Blinded by the Light, a song written by Bruce Springsteen. In 1999, Go Kart Mozart released their debut album, Instant Wigwam and Igloo Mixture. It was issued on the Cherry Red subsidiary label West Midlands Records. Tearing Up The Album Charts followed in 2005, and was again released on West Midlands. According to Lawrence, in 2010 a new album, 'On the Hot Dog Streets' and an EP 'Mozart Mini-Mart' is expected.
Sorry, there are currently no shows for Go-Kart Mozart right now.