Gonga is a heavy "stoner rock" band based in Bristol, UK. Formed in early 1998 by brothers George Elgie (guitars), Thomas Elgie (drums) and William Smalley (bass) as Octane Bud, they were later joined by Joe Volk (vocals) in 2001 when the trio were offered their first gig at Shambala Festival. They signed to Invada Records in 2002 and released their debut album in 2003. Smalley left the band in 2004 and was replaced by Hugo Morgan of The Heads. Morgan then left and was replaced by Hallam Kite. The band recorded their second album, only for Kite to leave and be replaced by Peter Theobalds, ex Akercocke. In 2007 Volk left the band, was replaced by Matt Williams, who then left several months later. Theobalds left a few months after that and was replaced by Latch Manghat on bass. The band are currently an instrumental three-piece.....for now Discography: Stratofortress / Untitled #1 - 7" & CDS (Invada Records) Gonga s/t - CD (Invada Records) Mosquitoes / The Pomp - 7" (Invada Records) From Under The Trees EP - CD & 12" (Invada Records) Transmigration - CD (Invada Records) Precession - CD (self-released)
Sorry, there are currently no shows for Gonga right now.