Jesse Dee


Jesse Dee is an R&B and soul singer-songwriter and professional artist from Boston, Massachusetts. He has played as the opening act for Gospel/R&B/Soul legends Al Green and Etta James, and maintains a steady international touring schedule. Jesse Dee's current album entitled "Bittersweet Batch" is available online and at various retail outlets. Born and raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, Jesse grew up in a lower to lower/middle class family and excelled at all art and music. Realizing his talent, he attended MassArt and studied mixed media. While attending MassArt, Jesse was the lead vocalist in a ten-piece funk band called "Decifunk" (pronounce: Dessifunk). After a brief stint with another band after college, Jesse Dee chose to form his own band and has experienced a rapid expansion of his fanbase in the Boston, national, and international R&B/Soul music scene.
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