Lazarus Clamp


Lazarus Clamp are an English band of some longevity and interest, who can make a reasonable claim to being one of the minor, undiscovered, rough-cut gems of British independent music - but who probably have only themselves to blame for their low profile. Formed in Leicester in 1994, the band's early intensity (angular, noisy, post-hardcore influences were the most evident at this point) and musical ambition (often undermined by a semi-notorious degree of equipment failure and breakdown), earned them a combination of admiration, sympathy, and disdain on the Midlands scene. An easy-going DIY ethic has made them popular with soundmen, fanzines and fellow musicians, but largely invisible to promoters, labels and the press. Midlands labels - Bearos and Sorted Ô[][] provided early support, though the band's most fruitful relationship seems to have been with the now-defunct Guildford label, Words and Works Rejected. A number of fellow travellers and collaborators (Bob Tilton, John Sims, Los Planetos Del Agua, MJ Hibbett, Last Harbour, Half Seas Over, Twinkie, The Freed Unit) have been familiar entries on the band's infrequent live itineraries.
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