Los Planetas


Los Planetas (The Planets) is a Spanish indie group from the city of Granada which started out in the second half of the 1990s and continue now through the 2000s. The group's first hit was "Qué puedo hacer" (What can I do?) from their album "Super 8", although they had previously had some success with various demos on a contest run by Spanish national public radio station "Radio 3". After "Super 8" (1994 RCA-BMG Music Spain) the group produced albums which caught on quickly in the Spanish indie scene, including "Pop" (1996 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Una semana en el motor de un autobús" (A week in the engine of a bus, 1998 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Unidad de Desplazamiento" (Movement unit, 2000 RCA-BMG Music Spain), "Encuentro con entidades" (Meeting with entities, 2002 RCA-BMG Music Spain) and "Los Planetas contra la ley la gravedad" (Los Planetas against the laws of gravity, 2004 RCA-BMG Music Spain). They released two greatest hits albums: "Canciones para una orquesta química" (Songs for a chemical orchestra, 1999 RCA-BMG Music Spain) and "Principios básicos de astronomía" (Basic principles of astronomy, 2009 Octubre - Sony Music Entertainment).
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