MxPx is a pop punk band from Bremerton, Washington with connections to the Christian punk scene. The band has recorded eight studio albums, four EPs, four compilation albums, a live album, a VHS tape, a DVD and released 20 singles. All the members of the band are Christians, and this is reflected in some of the band's songs. However, they prefer not to be called a Christian band. On the topic of their faith, Mike Herrera has been quoted saying "We are Christian. Itâ[][]s not a cult or something. Itâ[][]s part of our story and I guess itâ[][]s different and controversial. But itâ[][]s a personal thing. Itâ[][]s what we choose to believe. Thatâ[][]s all there is to it. We donâ[][]t preach to anyone."
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