Myshkin is an American singer-songwriter. She sings and plays acoustic guitar solo, in cooperation with other artists, and with her band Myshkin''s Ruby Warblers. She is a native of Indiana where she was born to a recent immigrant family. After college she moved to New Mexico, and later to New York, Texas and Tennessee. In 1993 she settled in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in 2002 she moved to Portland, Oregon. As of 2010, she lived in Southern Oregon. She recorded five albums in New Orleans in cooperation with Mike West and other musicians. She was the recipient of several of the city''s music industry awards. She also toured United States and Europe. In 2002 she started Myshkin''s Ruby Warblers, whose first self-produced record was Rosebud Bullets. Soon after she relocated to Oregon, and in cooperation with producer Sailor Banks she released albums Corvidae and Sigh Semaphore, concentrating on political and humanist themes.
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