Portico Quartet


Portico Quartet are a 4-piece modern jazz group from London and Southampton. Their sound is made distinctive by the use of the Hang, a 21st Century percussion instrument used on all their tracks. The group is composed of Jack Wyllie (soprano and tenor saxophone), Duncan Bellamy (drums), Milo Fitzpatrick (double bass), and Keir Vine (Hang and percussion). Nick Mulvey, former Hang player and percussionist, left the Portico Quartet in early 2011 to pursue his career as singer-songwriter. He is replaced by Kier Vine. After nearly two years of playing mainly small gigs and busking regularly outside the National Theatre in London, they signed to Babel Label in 2007. Their first album, Knee-deep in the North Sea was released on 5 November 2007, coupled with performances at the London Jazz Festival at Purcell Room together with pianist Michiel Borstlap and drummer Bill Bruford. They are now signed to Real World Records and have released their second album ''Isla''. The name portico comes from when one of their gigs was rained off in Italy, and they ended up playing under a portico.
Sorry, there are currently no shows for Portico Quartet right now.