Robert Francis


Robert Francis (born September 25, 1987 in Los Angeles, California) is a multi-instrumentalist, Americana singer-songwriter. His debut full-length album One By One was released in August 2007 by Aeronaut Records. The record has gained attention due, in part, to Francis''s musical performances that stem from his "eccentric classical-record-producer and pianist father, a Mexican mother who frequently invited her sisters over to sing Ranchero songs, a Hari Krishna brother, and two older sisters who were in various rock bands that played in clubs all over the city". His sound is distinguished by his "bright, gravelly baritone", often conveying the emotion of a more "hardened performer". One of his popular songs, "Junebug", was featured as a free song on iTunes for a week. This song reached #26 in Germany and #22 in Switzerland.
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