Silverstein is a Canadian post-hardcore band from Burlington, Ontario, formed in 2000. Their band name is a reference to the famous children''s author Shel Silverstein, whom the band had admired and read the stories of as children. They have released a total of five studio albums, three EP''s, a compilation album and a live DVD/CD. Their lineup has remained unchanged since December 2001, consisting of lead vocalist Shane Told, guitarists Neil Boshart and Josh Bradford, bass guitarist and backing vocalist Billy Hamilton, and drummer Paul Koehler. The band achieved moderate success with their second studio album, Discovering The Waterfront, reaching #34 on the Billboard 200 charts, with the following two albums charting at similar positions. The band left long time record label, Victory Records in 2010, and are currently signed with Hopeless Records and Universal Music. Silverstein released their fifth studio album, titled Rescue in April 2011. An EP titled Transitions was released on December 7 as precursor.
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