Son of Dave


Benjamin Darvill (born January 4, 1967), known by his stage name Son of Dave, is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter, based in the United Kingdom. He was a member of folk rock band Crash Test Dummies in which he played harmonica, mandolin, guitar and percussion before going solo in 2000. SOD was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was inspired to learn the harmonica after hearing James Cotton play in Winnipeg. He moved to London, England, in 1998 and lived there for several years. His 2000 album 01, recorded in London, combined "aged blues with techno beats and everything in between". Reviewer Beno├«t Felten described it as "a mixture of modern R&B, hip-hop and electronics with an edge; it has a strong bluesy feeling". His 2006 album 02 has been described as a mix of "cotton-pickinÔ[][] blues, vocalising beat-box, hard-breathing folk, steamy funk and even modern R&B". In 2010, Son of Dave and his song "Revolution Town" were featured in a commercial for the search engine Bing. The commercial, using a first-person perspective, shows Son of Dave using Bing and his Windows-enabled phone to travel to his own concert at the Someday Lounge in Portland, OR.