Stornoway is a British alternative indie folk band from the Cowley area of Oxford. It consists of singer and guitarist Brian Briggs; multi-instrumentalists Jon Ouin and Oli Steadman, and the latter's brother Rob on drums. The band is usually joined by trumpeter Adam Briggs and violinist Rahul Satija. Named after the Scottish town of Stornoway on the Hebridean Isle of Lewis, which appears on all UK televised weather reports and shipping forecasts, the group incorporates string instruments and keyboards, supported by a typical pop backline of guitar, drums, and bass guitar. The band had never visited Stornoway when they decided to name themselves after the town. The band is signed to the British independent record label, 4AD. On Twitter the band is known by the title of an early song from one of their demo EPs: @TheOldBlindMan.
Sorry, there are currently no shows for Stornoway right now.