Wodensthrone is a black metal band formed in winter of 2005, in Sunderland in the North East of England, by founding members Brunwulf, Wilde├¥r├¢├░, Ger├ídwine, and Hr├®owsian. Wodensthrone released the self-recorded A Tribute To Our Glorious Dead, which appeared on the split 7" with Niroth. The band also entered the studio to record 2 more songs, 'Scinlaeca' and 'These Isolated Lands' which would eventually emerge on the 'Over The Binding Of The Waves' split CD with Folkvang (Belarus) on Ancient Nation records. In 2007 the band re-entered the studio to record 'The Scouring' and to put the finishing touches to their material for the split with Folkvang. The band has performed alongside other prominent black and folk metal bands including Negura Bunget and Fen. They signed to Bindrune records in 2007. The band's debut release was recorded in 2008 in the studios owned by Negur─[] Bunget in Romania. The album was released in 2009. In 2010 Wodensthrone signed a deal with Candlelight Records in the UK and the Loss album was re-released.
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