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  1. R.A. the Rugged Man
    R.A. the Rugged Man
  2. R.S.I
  3. R2Bees
  4. Rabid
  5. Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson
  6. Racing Glaciers
    Racing Glaciers
  7. Rackhouse Pilfer
    Rackhouse Pilfer
  8. Rae Sremmurd
    Rae Sremmurd
  9. Rag 'N' Bone Man
    Rag 'N' Bone Man
  10. The Ragga Twins
    The Ragga Twins
  11. Raging Speedhorn
    Raging Speedhorn
  12. Rah Rah
    Rah Rah
  13. The Rails
    The Rails
  14. The Railsplitters
    The Railsplitters
  15. Ralphonze
  16. Rammstein
  17. Ramon Goose
    Ramon Goose
  19. Ramonas
  20. Ramones
  21. Ramsay
  22. Rat Boy
    Rat Boy
  23. Rat Pack
    Rat Pack
  24. RavenEye
  25. The Raveonettes
    The Raveonettes
  26. Raymond Froggatt
    Raymond Froggatt
  27. Raymond Mearns
    Raymond Mearns
  28. Ready Steady Girls
    Ready Steady Girls
  29. Real Friends
    Real Friends
  30. Rebecca Ferguson
    Rebecca Ferguson
  31. Rebirth Brass Band
    Rebirth Brass Band
  32. Reckless Love
    Reckless Love
  33. Red Alert
    Red Alert
  34. Red Axes
    Red Axes
  35. Red Butler
    Red Butler
  36. Red Hot Chilli Pipers
    Red Hot Chilli Pipers
  37. Red House Glory
    Red House Glory
  38. Red Kites
    Red Kites
  39. Redlight
  40. Redwire
  41. Reef
  42. Refused
  43. reginald d hunter
    reginald d hunter
  44. Reign of Fury
    Reign of Fury
  45. Rejjie Snow
    Rejjie Snow
  46. Remi Miles
    Remi Miles
  47. Rend Collective
    Rend Collective
  48. Rev Rev Rev
    Rev Rev Rev
  49. Revelation Avenue
    Revelation Avenue
  50. Reverend and The Makers
    Reverend and The Makers
  52. The Reverends
    The Reverends
  53. Revival
  54. The Revolutionaires
    The Revolutionaires
  55. The Rezillos
    The Rezillos
  56. Rhino's Revenge
    Rhino's Revenge
  57. Rhombus
  58. Rhona McKenzie
    Rhona McKenzie
  59. Ricardo Afonso
    Ricardo Afonso
  60. Rich Hall
    Rich Hall
  61. Rich Reason
    Rich Reason
  62. Richard Brown
    Richard Brown
  63. Richard Gadd
    Richard Gadd
  64. Richard Hawley
    Richard Hawley
  65. Richard Herring
    Richard Herring
  67. Richard Lomax
    Richard Lomax
  68. Richard Norris
    Richard Norris
  69. Richard Pulsford
    Richard Pulsford
  70. Richie Ramone
    Richie Ramone
  71. Richmond Fontaine
    Richmond Fontaine
  72. Richy Ahmed
    Richy Ahmed
  73. Richy Ahmed
    Richy Ahmed
  74. Rick Astley
    Rick Astley
  75. Rick Biddulph
    Rick Biddulph
  76. Rick Redbeard
    Rick Redbeard
  77. Rick Wakeman
    Rick Wakeman
  78. Rick Witter
    Rick Witter
  79. Ricky Warwick
    Ricky Warwick
  80. The Riff
    The Riff
  81. The Rifles
    The Rifles
  82. The Rifles
    The Rifles
  83. Rihanna
  84. Ringo Deathstarr
    Ringo Deathstarr
  85. Rings of Saturn
    Rings of Saturn
  86. Rinky Dinks
    Rinky Dinks
  87. Riverdance
  88. Roachford
  89. Rob Beckett
    Rob Beckett
  90. Rob Clouth
    Rob Clouth
  91. Rob Delaney
    Rob Delaney
  92. Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
    Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra
  93. Rob Kane
    Rob Kane
  94. Rob Tissera
    Rob Tissera
  95. Rob Vanden
    Rob Vanden
  96. Robbie Boyd
    Robbie Boyd
  97. Robbie McIntosh
    Robbie McIntosh
  98. Robert DeLeo
    Robert DeLeo
  99. Robert Forster
    Robert Forster
  100. Robert James
    Robert James
  101. Robert Newman
    Robert Newman
  102. Robin Bibi
    Robin Bibi
  103. Robin Grainger
    Robin Grainger
  104. Robyn Hitchcock
    Robyn Hitchcock
  105. Rock Bottom
    Rock Bottom
  106. Rock Goddess
    Rock Goddess
  107. Rocket From the Tombs
    Rocket From the Tombs
  108. Rocky Horror Original Cast Recording
    Rocky Horror Original Cast Recording
  109. Rockzilla
  110. Rod Lynton
    Rod Lynton
  111. Rod Picott
    Rod Picott
  112. Rod Stewart
    Rod Stewart
  113. Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels
    Roddy Radiation & The Skabilly Rebels
  114. Rodhad
  115. Rodney Branigan
    Rodney Branigan
  116. Roger Hodgson
    Roger Hodgson
  117. Roland Gift
    Roland Gift
  118. Role Models
    Role Models
  119. Roman Flugel
    Roman Flugel
  120. Romesh Ranganathan
    Romesh Ranganathan
  121. Ron Sayer Jr.
    Ron Sayer Jr.
  122. Roni Size
    Roni Size
  123. Ronnie Spector
    Ronnie Spector
  124. ROOM 94
    ROOM 94
  125. Roosevelt
  126. Roots Manuva
    Roots Manuva
  127. Rory Butler
    Rory Butler
  128. Rory McGrath
    Rory McGrath
  129. Rory Wynne
    Rory Wynne
  130. Rosco McSkeleton
    Rosco McSkeleton
  131. Roses Kings Castles
    Roses Kings Castles
  132. Rosie Lowe
    Rosie Lowe
  133. Ross Leslie
    Ross Leslie
  134. Ross Noble
    Ross Noble
  135. Roughneck Riot
    Roughneck Riot
  136. Roxy Music
    Roxy Music
  137. Roy 'Chubby' Brown
    Roy 'Chubby' Brown
  138. Roy Ayers
    Roy Ayers
  139. Roy Bar
    Roy Bar
  140. Roy Hargrove
    Roy Hargrove
  141. The Roy Hargrove Big Band
    The Roy Hargrove Big Band
  142. Roy Hargrove Quintet
    Roy Hargrove Quintet
  143. Roy Moller
    Roy Moller
  144. Roy Wood
    Roy Wood
  145. Royce Wood Junior
    Royce Wood Junior
  146. The Rubettes
    The Rubettes
  147. Ruby Turner
    Ruby Turner
  148. Rudimental
  149. Rudimental (DJ Set)
    Rudimental (DJ Set)
  150. Rukhsana Merrise
    Rukhsana Merrise
  151. The Rumble
    The Rumble
  152. Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac
    Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac
  153. Runrig
  154. Russ Ballard
    Russ Ballard
  155. Russ Ryan
    Russ Ryan
  156. Russ Ryan
    Russ Ryan
  157. Russ Yallop
    Russ Yallop
  158. Russell Howard
    Russell Howard
  159. Russell Kane
    Russell Kane
  160. Russell Watson
    Russell Watson
  161. Rusty Shackle
    Rusty Shackle
  162. Ruth Trimble
    Ruth Trimble
  163. The Rutles
    The Rutles
  164. Ruts DC
    Ruts DC
  165. RY X
    RY X
  166. Ryan Hamilton
    Ryan Hamilton
  167. Ryan Hamilton
    Ryan Hamilton
  168. Ryan Joseph Burns
    Ryan Joseph Burns