Glam Harry

Fiddlers Club, Bristol

Doors open at 8:00 PM
Show starts at 8:00 PM

  • General Admission

    Ticket cost (face value)

    £9.00 (£8.00)


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This event is for over 18s only - No refunds will be issued for under 18s.

Sick of Tesco turning Christmas into a 12-week long Mince Pie commercial?

Bored of watching Britain grind into a miserable halt over 2 inches of snow every December?

Wish there was something more to Christmas than shopping, shit weather, repetitive furniture adverts, pretending to be joyous and grateful for that mug you've been given as a present that was blatantly bought from the pound shop, and having to watch the Queen's speech purely because your Mother-In-Law insists??

Glam Harry is here to put the fun back into Christmas - in style! Flash Harry will be performing as Glam Harry live at Fiddlers Club, bringing you classic hits from the 70s & 80s! Book now to avoid disappointment!!